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The Post Event Huddle (PEH) is a simple universal four-step approach for facilitators to follow. It enables a shared understanding of an event and allows any concerns to be discussed.

Having a PEH gives the team an opportunity to stop and take a moment to thank the team members. It creates a safe space for people to share their feelings, and acknowledge that these events can have differing effects on people. Immediate support following an event can be offered and, if required, suggestions for follow-up support provided

The team leader for a challenging clinical event is ideally suited to lead a PEH, which is best done immediately after the incident is resolved. The following video and demonstrations found on this website aim to equip facilitators with how to conduct a safe and effective conversation.

There are four steps in the Post Event Huddle framework:









In this video, the four steps of the Post Event Huddle will be outlined.

The Post Event Huddle framework is available here to download.

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