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The universal values charter contains 27 values under 7 themes. 

The JMO charter and supervisor charter are worded to provide more specific guidance according to the  primary role. Either or both of these charters may be relevant to you, particularly if you are a JMO who supervises other JMOs, or if you are a supervisor who mentors and coaches JMOs.

How to use the charters

1. Personal reflection

Complete the JMO quiz or supervisor quiz, whichever is relevant to you. Note your strengths and what's going well. Consider how you might improve those values that you don't achieve most or all of the time. Review the relevant educational resources and links on this website and or communicate with trusted peers, supervisors or managers to support and guide you. Make a personal pledge to be effective in your supervision relationships.

2. In supervision conversations

JMOs can use the JMO charter to prompt a conversation about their wellbeing and productivity at work in general or to address one or two issues relevant to their supervision relationships, wellbeing and progress during the term. It may also be useful for the JMO to review the supervisors' charter as a prompt to talk about the term in general. The charters are not intended to be used as feedback tools for either JMO or supervisor.


Examples are shown in these short demonstration videos 


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