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Project team

Clinical Associate Professor Leonie Watterson, Director, Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (project lead).

Clinical Associate Professor, John Vassiliadis, Director Prevocational Training, Royal North Shore Hospital

Dr Anna Todd, Simulation Fellow, SCSSC

JMO advisory group

Dr Ariella Smith

Dr Adam Bland

Dr Kersandra Begley

Dr Clement Chao

Dr Simone Cheung

Dr Cathy Cui

Dr Dinuksha De Silva

Dr Hakeem Ha

Dr Dushant Iyer

Dr Jacqueline Lai (President, RMO Association)

Dr Tarini Sri

Dr Hari Sritharan

Dr Kaishin Tanaka

Dr Benjamin Wan

Dr Isobel Yeap

Dr Lewis Yeung


We extend our special gratitude to the following people:

  • The Medical Executive, Medical Administration Unit and junior and senior medical staff of Royal North Shore Hospital for their input in the design of this project and generosity in agreeing to pilot the project.

  • The fellows and staff of the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre for their support in producing the project.

  • Stephanie O'Regan for website design


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