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JMO Values charter

Reflecting the value with which I hold my supervisors and teachers (S&Ts),  I, as a JMO, strive to…


1. Demonstrate respect

#1   be friendly and show interest in my S&Ts as individuals.

#2   interact politely with S&Ts, acknowledge their effort, and thank them for it.

#3   respect S&Ts’ reputations in conversations with colleagues, staff and patients.

#4   minimise unintended disrespect by remaining composed when frustrated or stressed.


2. Promote diversity and well-being

#5   enquire about and show concern for S&Ts’ well-being.

#6   demonstrate respect for our S&Ts’ age, gender, cultural values and beliefs.

#7   treat everyone equally (rectify my biases) when evaluating S&Ts and considering their advice.

#8   support S&Ts if others are observed to behave disrespectfully toward them.


3. Ensure patients and staff are safe

#9   act upon S&Ts’ patient management advice appropriately.

#10 seek clarification if advice is unclear or I have concerns about carrying it out.

#11 practice according to my designated roles and experience, and consult appropriately.

#12 communicate my concerns and listen to concerns raised by patients and colleagues.


4. create an environment that is safe, empowering and conducive to learning

#13 clarify roles, priorities and expectations, regarding communication and consultation.

#14 show initiative in patient care and support other team members.

#15 don’t take it personally if my supervisors intervene in, or change our clinical care.

#16 make the most of educational opportunities by attending and being prepared.


5. Monitor and manage the work environment

#17 monitor my workload and ask for help or guidance to manage it, if required

#18 suggest innovations in work practices, and where appropriate, take initiative to self-manage my workflow.

#19 speak up to raise concerns if issues impact negatively on my productivity, wellbeing, or career progression.


6. Learn from feedback

#20 provide positive feedback to S&Ts when I feel I learn useful things from them.

#21 practice self appraisal

#22 be receptive to constructive feedback provided by my S&Ts.

#23 reflect on my practice in an objective, balanced and self-forgiving manner.

#24 work with my S&Ts to convert feedback into SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely).

#25 hold the assumption that my S&Ts value my ability effort and potential


7. Practice ethically

#26 communicate transparently and honestly, acknowledge and apologise for mistakes

#27 maintain appropriate privacy and confidentiality in my dealings with S&Ts.

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