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The educational resources within this site include videos depicting hypothetical supervision scenarios.



All events and people depicted in the videos are fictional. All patients depicted are actors. In some instances, health professionals are shown acting the roles of health professionals under the direction of the production team. Their behaviour in these videos is in no way a reflection of their real world practice.


Unless otherwise specified the videos were written and directed by Leonie Watterson and produced by the Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre and 4BMedia. Actors are generally credited at the end of the videos.

Ownership and copyright

Videos are provided with the permission of HETI and the SCSSC, as specified. Permission is granted for the videos to be streamed from the website for the purpose of education related to the Flipside project. No other use of the videos is permitted. Downloading is not permitted.

Please contact the project team to make an enquiry about other educational options.

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