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7 principles of effective supervision - universal charter

1. Demonstrate respect

#1   be friendly and interested in others

#2   interact politely and acknowledge others' effort and contribution

#3   respect reputations

#4   remain composed when frustrated or stressed

2. Promote diversity and wellbeing

#5   show concern for others

#6   respect age, gender, values, culture & beliefs

#7   treat everyone equally

#8   support others if you witness disrespectful behaviour

3. Ensure patients and staff are safe

#9   act upon senior medical advice

#10 clarify when unclear or concerned about advice

#11 practice within role and consult appropriately

#12 communicate our concerns and listen to concerns raised by patients and colleagues.

4. Create an open, safe and empowering learning environment

#13 clarify roles, priorities and expectations, regarding communication and consultation.

#14 show initiative, promote independence and offer support

#15 show respect when changing others' management or having your management altered

#16 enable protected time for education and make the most of it

5. Monitor and manage the work environment 

#17 monitor workloads and seek and or provide support to manage them

#18 promote innovation and initiative in managing workflow

#19 raise concerns (and encourage others to do the same) if any aspect of one's work impacts negatively on                  productivity, wellbeing, or career progression.

6. Achieve effective feedback

#20 believe you are valued, show positive regard and acknowledge good performance in others

#21 practice self appraisal

#22 be objective and measured in one's appraisals

#23 be receptive to constructive feedback

#24 initiate open respectful conversation to explore poor performance, when relevant

#25 convert feedback to effective improvement goals

7. Practice ethically

#26 communicate transparently, acknowledge, and apologise for, mistakes

#27 maintain privacy and confidentiality, appropriately

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