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Verifying your CPD

  • Each CPD Home will specify its requirements for verification of your activities. Refer to your CPD Home's requirements for documentation prior to undertaking any activity. 

  • A generic downloadable template is available here which may be acceptable to your CPD Home.

Tips for documenting activities

  • All activities: Specify the date, duration of activity, CPD category (Performance review, measuring outcomes, educational activity) and the type of activity (e.g. peer review, M&M meeting, etc)

  • Peer review: include the area of professional or clinical practice, the relevant performance framework or clinical practice guideline (named), a reflection, and signatures of yourself and the peer reviewer.  We do not recommend uploading details of the observed performance, scores or specific feedback.

  • Critical reflection: this can be undertaken as a CPD activity per se. Additionally, your CPD home may request that a reflective summary is included in the verification documentation of other types of activity. A number of frameworks are available to guide the process of reflection. The reflective cycle developed by Graham Gibbs is well regarded and simple to follow. A template based on Gibb's cycle is available to download here. We recommend that you retain in your personal files, once completed, and include a summary of the reflection in the verification template.

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