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 JMOs and supervisors - improve your experience of supervision with

'the flipside' supervision values charters

Effective supervision is the cornerstone of medical training. Junior medical officers rely heavily on their supervisors and vice versa. The flipside is that supervision is a two-way street. While we rely upon others to be effective in their roles, it is also important that we are effective in our roles and we take some responsibility for the impact of our behaviour on others.

The Flipside initiative promotes 7 principles that help us to achieve effective medical supervision relationships. Reflecting their different roles, we have created a pair of values charters that guide JMOs and supervisors in their respective roles. The values charters are tools that support reflection and provide guidance on how to be effective in your supervision relationships. They will assist you to be the best version of yourself, and or to effectively address situations, when things don't seem to be going well. 


1. Have a quick glance the 7 principles at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Take the JMO quiz or supervisor quiz to see how well you meet the charter (don't worry if you don't score high marks the first time).

3. Use the feedback from the quiz to inform aspects of your practice that should be reinforced and others that who might want to address. The resources and foamed tabs provides educational resources to help you upskill. 

4. Finally, view the JMO charter and or supervisor charter and make a personal pledge to be effective in your supervision relationships


Note: both sets of charters may be relevant to you, particularly if you are a JMO who supervises other JMOs, or if you are a supervisor who mentors and coaches JMOs.

7 principles

Hover your mouse over each for a description

Demonstrate respect


Promote diversity and well-being



Ensure patients and colleagues are safe

Create a safe and empowering learning environment


Monitor & manage work


Achieve effective feedback


Practice ethically


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